123-Ignition with vacuum

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Intended for standard motors that are factory-equipped with vacuum advance. Many replace their standard distributor with one without vacuum advance, which is a wrong decision. The ignition timing then does not respond to engine load because of the absence of vacuum advance, resulting in reduced pulling power. Even in tuned motors, it would be better to have vacuum advance, but most larger carburetors do not support this, hence in such cases, you can choose the 123 without vacuum connection.
All mechanical parts such as contact points, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings, and the vacuum diagram have been replaced by just one component: the central shaft with rotor. The internal electronics provide the correct advance and optimal contact angle at different speeds, ensuring a maximum spark at all engine speeds. The components used to set the ignition timing are not subject to wear. Set it correctly once, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The 123 ignition is housed in a casing that closely resembles the original, but internally, no mechanical parts are present. The outdated mechanical system has been replaced with a high-tech computer-controlled system, creating an optimal ignition system with maximum performance and virtually maintenance-free operation.

It is recommended to use a heavy-duty coil with item number 300764 for this ignition, as well as heavy-duty spark plug wires with item number 300150.

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