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Oil seals set rear axle without bushing

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Rear axle sealing set for swing axle

Basic set

per side

In trikes equipped with swing axles, the gearbox oil runs through the rear axle to lubricate the bearings. The oil is stopped at the backing plates by gaskets, washers, and an oil seal.

If leakage occurs here, the gearbox oil runs into the brake drums, reducing or even completely disabling the braking action.

Regularly check for leaks and immediately replace the gaskets, O-rings, and seal if this is the case.

For the VW Beetle – with swing axles – you have the choice between a wheel bearing set with a basic sealing set and a version with a complete sealing set.

The basic set not only lacks a few parts but is also of lower quality. The complete set (Part No. 301462), which includes all wearing parts, is of equal quality to the original.

For 100% sealing, it is always advisable to lightly coat the gaskets with liquid gasket. You may want to get some extra.

Gaskets: Both the basic set and the complete set come with two gaskets, while Volkswagen only used one

, namely between the backing plate and the bearing housing cover. For better sealing, it is advisable to install a second gasket between the backing plate and the bearing flange.

In the complete set, this second gasket has a larger inner diameter, while the second gasket in the basic set is the same as the first.

With the basic set, you will need to enlarge the inner diameter to fit it over the flange, whereas this is not necessary with the complete set.

Spacer ring: The complete set comes with the outer spacer ring, not to be confused with the inner ring (located behind the bearing).

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