123 Ignition without vacuum

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Intended for tuned engines running larger carburetors which often lack vacuum advance capabilities. Due to the shorter distance from carburetor to cylinder head compared to a standard engine, this has practically no negative impact on pulling power. If you have carburetors with vacuum capabilities, such as the Dellorto DRLA, it is advisable to use it and choose the 123 model with vacuum for optimal efficiency in this case.

The 123 ignition is housed in a casing resembling the original, but internally there are no mechanical components. The outdated mechanical system has been replaced by a high-tech computer-controlled system, creating an optimal ignition system with maximum performance and virtually maintenance-free operation.

All mechanical parts such as contact points, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings, and the vacuum diaphragm have been replaced by just one part: the central shaft with rotor. The internal electronics provide the correct advance and optimal contact angle at different speeds, ensuring a maximum spark at every speed. The components used for timing the ignition are not subject to wear. Set it up correctly once and you don’t have to worry further.

It is recommended to install a heavy-duty coil with part number 300764 and heavy-duty spark plug wires with part number 300150 with this ignition.



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