Black reinforced spark plug cable set 8 mm with copper core

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2 in stock


Over time, the spark plug cables dry out, which can lead to arcing, causing the engine to run less smoothly.

At every maintenance service, check the hardness of the cables and the spark plug caps for drying out or cracks, and replace them if this is the case.

If you own a tuned engine, switch to high-performance spark plug cables that are even more resistant to heat, as they conduct the spark faster and more effectively (these are not available for every engine).

They come in a complete set and feature a copper core.

Outer sheath: PVC
Core: Copper
Thickness: 8 mm
Coil cable length: 23 cm
Spark plug cable lengths: 55, 55, 79, and 79 cm

Suitable for:
Type-1 engines up to 1988 (VIN 11-J-012 804)
CT/CZ engines

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