Torsion bar rubber inside

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These rubbers are hidden behind the torsion bar covers. When you remove the spring plate, there is another rubber behind it, which is why we refer to it as the inner and outer rubber.

If the car creaks at the rear when compressing, usually these rubbers are worn out. The spring plate has sunk through the rubber and is touching the cover. If you keep driving for long enough, you will not only have to replace the rubbers but also the torsion bar covers. So, if the rear axle creaks, check and replace the rubbers immediately.

If only the outer rubber is worn out, it is still advisable to replace the inner rubber as well. If you don’t do this, the new rubber will wear out unevenly.

In appearance, the two rubbers are identical, the difference lies in the rubber composition. This can only be seen in the small round protrusions on the top of the rubber. One has two protrusions and the other has only one, so it is important to keep the packaging with the rubber in order to mount the correct rubber in the right place.

Suitable for:

Left inner and right outer side for:

Beetle 8.1959 to 7.1968

Karmann Ghia 8.1959 to 7.1968

Type 3 8.1959 to 7.1968

Left inner side for:

Beetle 8.1968 and later

Karmann Ghia 8.1968 and later

Type 3 8.1968 and later


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