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Clutch plate 180mm standard

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If you notice that the engine revs up but the car accelerates slowly, the clutch plate is starting to slip. It could be that the clutch is poorly adjusted. If not, then the clutch plate is worn out. Replace the clutch plate in time and do not wait until the car stops moving altogether, as there is a high risk of damaging the flywheel. It is advisable to replace the pressure plate and the thrust bearing at the same time, as the engine needs to be removed, a task you don’t want to do twice in quick succession.

All clutch plates are of very high quality and equipped with springs for optimal clutch comfort. Older cars did not have these springs, but can be easily fitted with a clutch plate with springs.

The indicated size is the diameter of the clutch plate, so check this before ordering. It may happen that your flywheel or complete engine has been replaced by a different type, by measuring the clutch plate you can be sure to order the right one. Use only the recommended assembly grease for good and long-lasting lubrication between the clutch plate and primary shaft (also ensures smooth assembly), the top bearing in the flywheel bolts, and the places where the thrust bearing is clamped on the clutch fork. Assembly grease is heat resistant, ensuring long-lasting lubrication. Using Universal Lithium grease can become fluid at increasing temperatures during coupling, which can stain the clutch plate, so do not take the risk and order the recommended assembly grease immediately (optional).

Use a centering tool for the clutch plate during installation to align it with the crankshaft. Without this alignment tool, reinstalling your engine will be a very unpleasant and lengthy task.

Suitable for:
– Type-1 engines 25hp and 30hp
– Type-1 engine 1300
– Type-1 engine 1200 through 1980 (D 1455271)
– Type-3 engines through 7.1962

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