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Clutch pressure plate 200 mm standard

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The sudden engagement of the clutch plate, despite a well-adjusted clutch, is often due to a worn pressure plate. A rattling noise when disengaging can also be a symptom of this. When replacing the pressure plate, the release bearing is often also in need of replacement, and it is advisable to replace the clutch plate as well to ensure a properly functioning unit.

All pressure plates are equipped with pressure fingers (diaphragm). It is possible that your old pressure plate looks different (equipped with pressure arms), which is not a problem as long as the diameter and the presence or absence of a thrust ring are correct. Diaphragm pressure plates are more modern and provide a smoother engagement than the older types with pressure arms. Do not forget to tighten the pressure plate bolts diagonally to the correct torque, consult your workshop manual for this.

The indicated size is the diameter of the pressure plate, so check this before ordering, as your flywheel or complete engine may have been replaced with a different type. By measuring the pressure plate or the clutch plate, you can ensure that you are ordering the correct one. The pressure plate comes from the factory with a corrosion protective layer, only make the pressure plate free of grease to protect the rest from corrosion.

Suitable for:
– Type-1 engine 1200 (D 1 455 271) and later
– Type-1 engine 1600 (Beetle, Karmann Ghia, 181)
– Type-1 engine 1600 (Bus up to 1975 VIN 216 2118 505)
– Type-3 engines 8.1970 and later

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