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Flywheel 200mm 130 teeth

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Standard flywheel

If you are converting a 1300 cc engine to a 1600 cc engine, you must not only replace the cylinders and pistons and machine the cylinder heads (or install new ones),
but also ensure that you replace the flywheel with a 200 mm version.

Continuing to use the old 180 mm flywheel will result in frequent replacement of the clutch plate, as it is not designed for the higher power output.

Therefore, it is wise to immediately install a 200 mm flywheel equipped with 130 teeth, commonly referred to as a 12 Volt flywheel.

The designation 200 mm is based on the diameter of the clutch plate that must be used, not the flywheel itself.
It goes without saying that a clutch plate and pressure plate of 200 mm must also be used.

Suitable for:

Type 1 engines:

1200 cc 1980 (D 1 455 272) and later

1500 cc

1600 cc (Bus up to 1975 VIN 216 2118 505)

Type 3 engines 8.1962 and later


Clutch plate diameter: 200 mm

Number of teeth: 130

Weight: 6.5 kg

Material: cast steel

Additional information

Weight 10000 g


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