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Oil inlet polished

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Whether you do it for the better ability to fill motor oil and the improved cap locking mechanism, or for the sleek appearance of this oil filler neck, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading.

The original oil filler neck must be disassembled with the appropriate tool, after which the new oil filler neck can easily be screwed into the dynamo mount. A quick task that will give your oil filler neck a totally different look in just a few minutes.

This oil filler neck, like the original, has one outlet for crankcase ventilation, but it lacks the oil drainage pipe that was used in older engines from the factory (which always resulted in a greasy underside). The oil cap is screwed onto the filler neck instead of the original bayonet connection, which many consider an added bonus.

You have the choice between a straight oil filler neck available in various colors or a 45 degree version, only available in polished aluminum. The 45 degree oil filler neck makes oil filling even easier than with the straight model, as the angled design places the filler opening horizontally. The risk of spillage during filling is now significantly reduced (which could still occur with the straight model).

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