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Oil inlet straight

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Ventilated straight oil inlet


This oil inlet replaces the original model with or without a drain pipe in type 1 engines.

The original oil inlet must be disassembled and then the new oil inlet is easily screwed onto the dynamo support.

This oil inlet has one outlet for crankcase ventilation as original, but no oil drain pipe as often used in engines up to 1972.

The oil cap is screwed onto the oil inlet instead of the usual bayonet closure.

This cap is made of polished aluminum for the red oil inlet and the 45 degree version, and

the remaining oil inlets are made of black plastic (it can also be purchased separately).

You have the choice of a straight oil inlet in various colors or a 45 degree version

only available in polished aluminum. The 45 degree oil inlet makes oil filling easier than the straight model.

Due to the angled setup, the filling opening becomes horizontal.

Spillage during filling, which can occur with the straight model, is significantly reduced.

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