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Oil cooler

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In the case of a seized engine, a lot of internal damage has occurred, and the oil cooler cannot be reused as there is a high likelihood of metal shavings still being present in the cooler. If you were to reuse it, there is a high probability that these residual metal shavings would cause major engine damage, requiring you to start over again. This is not worth the cost compared to purchasing a new oil cooler. Additionally, using a second-hand oil cooler or a cleaned one is strongly discouraged as you usually do not know the history of these coolers, posing a significant risk.

In air-cooled engines, the oil cooler is one of the most important components as it helps cool the engine. This differs slightly in a water-cooled engine, where the oil cooler is used as a heat exchanger (only in some 2100 cc Waterboxers and all Diesel engines).

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