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H30/31 PICT carburetor

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If your engine stalls spontaneously at every traffic light and you have to continuously operate the gas and brake pedals simultaneously to keep the engine running, then it is likely that your carburetor needs a complete overhaul. By this, we do not mean just replacing a few gaskets, but addressing the root cause, by fitting new bronze bushings on the shaft of the throttle and air valve. Since not many people are able to do this job themselves, and it can be costly if done by a specialized company, purchasing a new carburetor is a more cost-effective solution and provides you with a factory-new unit.

Comes with a pre-installed conversion adapter, which also allows it to serve as a replacement for the 34 PICT-3 or 34 PICT-4 carburetor. We recommend selecting the correct carburetor directly if you are looking for a replacement for the 34 PICT-3 or 34 PICT-4 and not using this H30/31 with a conversion adapter, as the smaller diameter (31 instead of 34 mm) will unnecessarily reduce engine power. The adapter is installed with two hex bolts; loosen these and reuse the threaded studs to mount the carburetor to the intake manifold.

Note: For all models and types of carburetors, use only E5 gasoline (98 octane) – most gas stations offer this gasoline as premium fuel. When refueling with E10 gasoline (higher ethanol concentration), rubber and plastic parts can soften; our classic car is sensitive to this.

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