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The condenser is located in the distributor or on the side of the distributor and is connected on one side to the negative of the coil and on the other side to the contact point in the distributor.
The condenser ensures that the spark in the contact point is suppressed to prevent burning. If the contact point is quickly burned, it means the condenser is defective and needs to be replaced. It is also advisable to replace the condenser if the wiring is damaged.
Suitable for:
Type-1 engine:
1200cc 1974 and later
AR (all model years)
AB 1973 and later
AC 1973 and later
AS and AJ (all model years)
AL from 9.1975 and later
AD 1973 and later
AF 1972 and later
Type-4 engine:
CA 1973 and later
1800cc (all model years)
CJ, CV, and GD (all model years)
GE from 8.1979 and later
CT engines
Waterboxer engine

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