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Valve cover bolts high lift

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Engines equipped with a high-lift camshaft may experience problems with the valve adjusting screws. Due to the high lift, they may no longer properly engage with the valve stem. In the worst case, they may even partially miss, these adjusting screws with pressure feet will solve this problem.

They have a diameter of 10 mm, while the original is 6 mm, and because the foot rotates, the valve will always come into contact correctly with the adjusting bolt, resulting in a valve clearance that will remain much more stable compared to the original.

Not only suitable for high-lift or tuned engines, but for any engine as an improvement over the original. The larger foot also ensures that the valves hitting the pistons is minimized.

Supplied with 4 shim plates (1.45 mm) for under the rocker shaft. Due to the longer adjusting screws, the space between the valve and the valve stem has become too small, this is compensated for by the shim plates.

Supplied excluding the locking nuts, use the original ones or even better, order a new set along with this product: Article number: 301720.

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