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Trackjack Track & Trace system OTM 3.0

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High-quality and affordable GPS tracking and tracing system
The TrackJack OTM 3.0 is extremely suitable for tracking equipment and vehicles throughout Europe without subscription costs.
By default, with TrackJack OTM 3.0, you can view locations unlimited throughout Europe via your personal online account or the TrackJack app on your Smartphone. This location is displayed using an integrated Google Maps map. Since the system operates entirely online, you have insight into locations anytime, anywhere.
Suitable for tracking:
  • Vehicles such as: trikes and motorcycles
  • Watercraft
  • Equipment

The TrackJack OTM 3.0 can be used for any object equipped with a battery and contact switch on which the system can be connected.

An advanced system where you do not have to install separate components. The TrackJack OTM 3.0 comes standard with a sim card, internal battery, and GPS antenna.
Advantages of the TrackJack OTM 3.0
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • No subscription costs or lengthy contracts
  • Fully online and through Smartphone app
  • Standard European coverage
  • Operation through Service Levels
Choice of four Service Levels
The TrackJack OTM 3.0 can be used for many applications.
Whether it’s occasional tracking of an object or complete trip registration, you determine the functionalities through Service Levels.
You can use the system for the following applications:
  • GPS Track and Trace
  • Automatic location transmission
  • Location history
  • Trip registration
  • Hour registration
  • Safety zone
  • Sabotage or theft notification
  • Speed notifications
Affordable to use starting from 1256 euros per year


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