Torsion as rubber outside (urethane)

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There are numerous ways to improve handling. By replacing the original soft torsion bar rubbers with these urethane versions, the car will be more firmly sprung, leading to better handling. It is recommended to replace both the inner and outer rubber to achieve the best results.

These urethane torsion bar rubbers might squeak after installation; applying a little Vaseline to the rubbers will reduce the noise. Once the rubbers have settled in, the Vaseline will have disappeared, and the improved handling will be noticeable.

There are two types of urethane rubbers available, those with bumps on the outside and fully round versions in different inner diameters.

Urethane rubbers must have a perfect fit, as they do not flex like the original rubber, hence the difference in inner diameter from the original. It is not always the case that the indicated rubber for your model year is the right one, as this also depends on which torsion bar cover is installed.

Model year information is for the original torsion bar covers and original spring plates. When installing new covers, different spring plates, or adjustable spring plates, you need to make sure to choose the correct rubbers.

Ø 45 mm

Sold in pairs

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