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Synchronizer Universal

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If there are laterally mounted carburetors on the engine, they need to be synchronized. This means that the adjustment of the carburetors on both the left and right sides must be exactly the same, for which you need a synchronizer.

While the engine is running, the synchronizer is placed on the carburetor to measure the vacuum that is created. The vacuum should be equal on both the left and right sides. If this is not the case, you need to adjust the carburetors so that both carburetors reach the same value.

There are two synchronizers available: a universal model suitable for both downdraft and sidedraft carburetors (our engines only use downdraft carburetors) and can only be used with carburetors with a flat top.

In addition to this universal model, there is also a professional version available, which is exclusively for use with downdraft carburetors and is placed inside the carburetor instead of on top of it. You press it airtight into the carburetor, which makes the adjustment much simpler and faster than with the universal model.

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