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Stud M8 x 40mm with hexagon socket mounting

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Tightening and loosening studs without damaging them is a challenge for many. Screwing two nuts together and using the bottom one to loosen the stud is still the safest way.

But then you can throw them in the scrap metal bin. There is, in fact, a much better alternative: studs that can be mounted with an Allen key.

No more risk of thread damage, and they can be mounted quickly. The studs mentioned here are equipped with metric 8mm thread and have a length of 40mm, a dimension that closely matches what Volkswagen has used in various places in the engine block and other motor parts.

These studs replace the original studs with a length of 38mm, so you have an extra 2mm of space, which is considered very convenient for all applications.

The studs have continuous threading and no collar (end piece halfway up the stud), so consider the remaining length when screwing in and use locking compound if necessary.

Below is a list of the most common uses for these studs:

– exhaust on cylinder head for all air-cooled and water boxer engines

– alternator support / vent on engine block for type 1 and type 3 engines

– distributor clamp on engine block for 25 and 30 hp type 1 engines

– oil cooler support on engine block for type 1 engines

– oil pump on engine block

– turbocharger on exhaust

Supplied in sets of 4 pieces.


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