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These 10.4mm thick high-performance Spiro Pro “409” Race spark plug wires are the best choice you can make in the realm of spark plug wires.

Whether you have a standard motor or a heavily tuned engine in the back, with these heavy-duty wires, you can fire up every spark plug without power loss. Ignition problems can have many causes, but with these spark plug wires, you can be sure that the cause is not related to your spark plug wires.

The spark plug wires can withstand heat up to 315°C, ideal for engines where the exhaust comes close to the spark plug wires, as is often the case with Bajas and Buggies.

The Spiro Pro “409” gets its name from the steel “Spiral Core” core. This type of core has much lower resistance than carbon wires (approximately 1.5k ohms per meter for spiral and about 15k ohms for carbon wires). These Spiral Core wires use induction instead of resistance to suppress RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). The result is a hotter spark and less voltage.

The spiral core is additionally protected with a fiberglass sleeve and a silicone outer layer for maximum flexibility and temperature resistance.

The spark plug wires are supplied as a set, including cable boots and protective caps on the distributor cap.

The coil wire is 81cm long and must be cut to the desired length, so you are not restricted to the location where the coil is mounted. It is recommended to use a spark plug wire crimping tool to properly secure the terminal to the spark plug wire.

Suitable for:

Type-1 engines up to 9.1992

CT/CZ engines


Material: Silicone with woven fiberglass

Diameter: 10.4mm

Heat Protection: up to 315°C

Core: Spiral

Available in blue, red, and black

Additional information

Weight 1200 g

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