Spark plug cable set yellow 7mm copper core High Performance

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3 in stock


These 7mm high-performance spark plug wire sets feature a silicone outer shell, making them resistant to high temperatures. This is essential for vehicles like Baja’s and Buggy’s, where the wires often run close to the exhaust system.

The wires have a copper core, just like the original ones.

The wires are sold as a set, including wire boots and protective caps on the distributor cap.

There is no need for suppressed spark plug caps because the silicone insulation material provides excellent suppression.

The coil wire is extra long, allowing for the coil to be mounted in a different location, which is useful if you have lateral carburetors and need to relocate the coil. It is necessary to use a fixing cap on the spark plug, and these caps are provided with the spark plugs.

Attention: Never pull on the spark plug wire itself, but pull on the wire heads. Especially with silicone spark plug wires, it is easy to pull the wire off the head, rendering the cable unusable.

These wires no longer fit in the standard clamps on the cooling housing, as they are thicker than the original ones. Attempting to force them in can damage the wire. Use the custom spark plug wire fastening kit to neatly organize the wires.

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