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Shock absorber set with auxiliary spring

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Set of shock absorbers with auxiliary spring for trikes with an IRS and swing rear axle

The most ideal shock absorber for trikes and vehicles equipped with a tow bar that frequently need to transport heavy loads.

Around the shock absorber is an adjustable strength spring (5 positions) which not only adjusts the spring force but also the height.

The lowest position of the spring is still higher than with a standard shock absorber, so it is mounted with preload.

First, install the top side, then place a jack under the shock absorber and jack it up until you can mount the bottom side.

Attention: The shock absorbers that are mounted with an eye are equipped with a metal bushing pressed into the rubber.

When removing the old shock absorbers, they can sometimes stick to the control arm or mounting bolt (rusted in place)

making it seem like the new shock absorber doesn’t fit.

Remove these first before mounting the new one (possibly carefully cut with a grinder and then tap loose).

Note for shock absorber: it is necessary to cut off the protruding bushing at the bottom of the shock absorber

for vehicles with a swing axle rear axle (swing axle) or if this shock absorber is mounted at the front.


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