Reinforced engine mount/transmission mount polyurethane

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When tuning the engine, it is advisable to also adjust the mounting rubbers. The original rubbers are far too soft, causing the engine to shake quickly when accelerating or shifting gears. This can even have such a big impact that the car spontaneously jumps out of gear.

With these aluminum-reinforced urethane rubbers, this will no longer happen quickly, they are the best urethane rubbers available, practically indestructible.

After installation, you will immediately notice that engine vibrations are transmitted more effectively to the chassis (than was previously the case), so you compromise on comfort. But let’s be honest, comfort and sporty driving behavior simply do not go hand in hand, it’s a choice you make. There is a potential middle ground: by replacing the rear rubbers and leaving the front ones original.

Suitable for:

Beetle up to 7.1972 and 1.1986 and later

Karmann Ghia up to 7.1972

Bus up to 7.1967

Type 3



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