Power distribution with vacuum

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An ignition system that cannot be properly adjusted, runs continuously, or has excessive play indicates a worn distributor. You can open up your distributor and try to overhaul it, but if the housing is worn out, it won’t help, so a new distributor is the best solution.

Comes with a distributor cap, points, condenser, and vacuum advance unit, but without a sealing ring, you may need to purchase this separately.

Adjustment data: 7.5 degrees before top dead center at 800-950 revolutions per minute with a strobe lamp and disconnected/sealed vacuum hose.

Do not forget: Drop a few drops of motor oil on the felt located under the rotor in the shaft, this provides lubrication. Repeat this at every maintenance interval.

Suitable for:

Type 1 engines with Solex carburetors:

30 PICT-3

31 PICT-3

31 PICT-4

34 PICT-3

34 PICT-4

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