Petrol pump/Fuel pump A-quality

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The fuel pump also does not have eternal life if it starts to get too much play in the moving parts, causing leakage, it’s time for a new one.
If the engine oil smells like gasoline and has become very thin, your fuel pump is likely broken, so replace or revise it immediately to prevent further engine damage.

Attention! Since there are many engines that no longer have original fuel pumps, it is important to check the length of the driveshaft, if not supplied and relevant.
Using a pump from the wrong model year on a shaft of incorrect length will cause problems; either the pump will have no output, or it will be damaged immediately after starting.
Also, make sure that the shaft can move smoothly through the fuel pump support; increase the clearance of the fuel pump support slightly with a soft file if not the case (not applicable to type 4 engines).
If the shaft cannot move smoothly through the support, it could get stuck as the engine warms up, causing the fuel pump to stop working.


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