Petrol pump flange bakelite

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For type 1, type 3, CT/CZ, and waterboxer (WBX) engines, the support under the fuel pump quickly breaks off when you try to pull it out of the engine case. If the support breaks off and a part remains in the case, tilt the engine upside down and gently tap the still attached part to break it. The pieces will then fall out of the case, and the new support can be mounted. If the engine is installed, try to carefully fish out the pieces from the block. Let the engine run for 5 minutes and immediately change the oil (also clean the filter well) in case any pieces have fallen into the engine. It remains a dangerous operation, pulling it out in one piece very carefully is still the best option, so you have been warned.

The main function of the fuel pump support is to prevent heat transfer from the engine to the fuel pump. The term fuel pump support is therefore a confusing name; heat insulator would be a better name. Both above and below the support should have a gasket, which you need to order separately. Part number 300727

**Caution**: The fuel pump driveshaft must be able to move smoothly through the fuel pump support; you may need to slightly widen the opening in the fuel pump support (not applicable to Type 4 engines). If the shaft cannot move smoothly through the support, it may seize when the engine heats up, causing the fuel pump to no longer be driven.

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