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Oil filter/oil filter

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The oil filter system of the air-cooled Volkswagen is very primitive.

Especially for the Type 1 and Type 3 engines, the oil strainer is the only way of filtration.

The other engines also have an external oil filter that does a much better job than the oil strainer.

The oil strainer is located behind the crankcase cover and must be cleaned with every oil change.

After thoroughly cleaning the oil strainer, inspect it carefully for damage before reusing it.

To eliminate any risk, it is better to immediately install a new strainer.

Also order new gaskets right away, as the gaskets cannot be reused.

Suitable for:

Type-1 engines:

1200cc 8.1969 and later

1300cc 8.1969 and later

1500cc with engine code H 8.1969 and later

1500cc with engine code L 1969 (L 0 024 237) and later


Type-3 engines:

1500 and 1600cc 8.1969 and later

CT/CZ engines:



Oil suction pipe hole Ø: 18.5 mm

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