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Master switch

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Mass contact switch

Power cutoff with removable key and dust cap.

2 Screw connections M10.

Installation 1 hole 225 mm diameter

At the circuit, it is mandatory to mount this type of switch on the outside of your trike, with which you can switch off the entire power circuit with one twist. But not only at the circuit is it a requirement, at many old-timer fairs, it is required that the battery be disconnected due to fire hazard, in this case, a mass switch is not just handy.

Even when your trike is in storage during the winter period, we recommend installing a mass switch. If you do not do it, for example, against short circuits, it is always useful that your battery does not drain during this period due to power consumers that are not switched via the ignition, such as a radio or clock.

This mass switch is mounted between the negative terminal of the battery and the ground cable, and is equipped with mounting holes that allow it to be installed in many locations.

If the switch is mounted outside the trike, it is good to know that the switch comes with a waterproof cover, which can also be removed for internal use. The key remains in the slot when engaged, a waterproof cover around the key ensures that no moisture can enter even then.

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