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Liquid gasket for cylinder head

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Liquid cylinder head gasket

Tube 70mm

Waterboxer engine

In the early days of the waterboxer engines (WBX), the cylinder head was only sealed on the cylinders with a rubber gasket. Afterwards, it turned out that this was not sufficient, and from 1985 onwards, it was advised to use liquid gasket in addition to the rubber gasket. If Volkswagen even mentions this when ordering the gasket, you can assume that this is not just a recommendation, but an absolute necessity. Therefore, do not use any alternative product, but only what Volkswagen prescribes.

The cylinder head nuts (cap nuts) of the same waterboxer engines were never provided with a separate gasket, only liquid gasket is used here. Under no circumstances should you use the same liquid gasket that you used between the cylinder head and the cylinders. The Curil T2 liquid gasket meets Volkswagen specifications and is specifically intended to be used between the cylinder head nuts.

When assembling the cylinder head, you will need two different types of liquid gasket. It is not an unnecessary purchase; liquid gasket is one of the basic tools in your workshop and you will need it for many tasks. However, it is important to use the correct liquid gasket for the intended purpose.


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