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Idle cut-off valve 12 V

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The cut-off valve ensures that the engine does not continue for a number of extra strokes when the ignition is turned off. This phenomenon is called dieseling and can only occur in a hot engine.

To check if the valve is still working, turn on the ignition or connect it to 12 volts (the outer shell is the ground). If you hear a click, it is still working; if you hear nothing at all, the valve is broken. For the bypass cut-off valve, this is also visible on the plunger that retracts during operation.

If your carburetor is equipped with the model containing an idle jet (idle cutoff valve) and the engine does not idle or idles irregularly (also hesitates at around 70 to 80 km per hour), the jet is likely clogged, and it just needs cleaning.

**Applicable to:**
– Solex 28 PICT-2
– Solex 30 PICT-1
– Solex 30 PICT-2
– Solex 34 PDSIT-2
– Solex 34 PDSIT-3

– Voltage: 12V
– Jet size: 55


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