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Hubcap 3-spoke Knock off

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The English introduced the knock-off wheel nut years ago, making it possible to change a wheel in one go.
For classic Volkswagens, these imitation knock-offs are now also available. The wheel remains fastened with the existing bolts, but instead of the standard hubcap, you now have a hubcap that resembles a knock-off nut.
They are available in 2- and 3-spoke versions and are fastened to the wheel hub with allen bolts. The spokes can be loosened to change a wheel (otherwise you cannot reach all nuts/bolts). For safety, the knock-off is secured so that it cannot come loose while driving. For the left front wheel, you need to file down the raised edges of the hubcap so that the knock-off fits.
In some cases, mounting on the wheel hub is not possible because the diameter of the hubcap hole does not allow it. Even then, it can be mounted, but now to the wheel instead of to the outer side of the wheel hub, by tightening it from the inside against the wheel.
These knock-offs fit on the original VW wheels without hubcaps and on most sport wheels.
The hubcaps are chrome-plated and come with an allen key.
Logo is separate and does not need to be used!
The minimum required space in the hubcap hole is a diameter of 61.5 mm.

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