Gearbox rubber front

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7 in stock


These metal supports are equipped with vulcanized rubber that is intended to minimize the transmission of engine vibrations to the body and chassis for optimal comfort.

If the engine tilts excessively, resulting in the worst-case scenario of the vehicle spontaneously slipping out of gear, it is time to take a closer look at the gearbox mounts.

Don’t think you are the only one with torn rubbers; the vast majority of our classic cars have experienced this issue, a common ailment of aging. Therefore, it is advisable to replace all rubbers during restoration, requiring the engine to be dismantled, a task you wouldn’t want to tackle right after your first test drive. Most garages knowledgeable about our classic Volkswagens will also recommend replacing the rubbers if, for any reason, the engine needs to be removed.

Suitable for:

Beetle 8.1972 to 12.1985
Karmann Ghia 8.1972 and later

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