Gasket push rod tube 16 pieces standard

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When purchasing a motor gasket set, these gaskets are always included, but if you only need to replace these gaskets, they are also available separately.

They are located around the pushrod tubes (on both the crankcase and cylinder head sides) and cause leakage problems in aging engines due to drying out.

If you prefer not to disassemble the cylinder heads, use the spring-loaded pushrod tubes that are available for almost all engines (except Type 4). With these, the pushrod tubes can be removed without having to remove the cylinder heads.

For Type 1 and Type 3 engines, the gaskets are the same on both the cylinder head and crankcase sides (if you use standard pushrod tubes), while this is not the case for all other engines, so keep this in mind when ordering.

If you want to permanently eliminate drying out issues, the most common model is also available in a silicone version. This is not only resistant to drying out but also guarantees a better seal.


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