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Flywheel bolt including bearing standard

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Usually, these bolts are replaced because they are damaged by using incorrect tools to tighten and loosen them (a hammer and chisel are very popular in this case). Block the flywheel with a flywheel clamp and locking rod and loosen the bolt or bolts with the correct socket wrench. By following this procedure, you are doing it the right way, without damaging the bolt or bolts.

The bolts used in Type 4, WBX, and Diesel engines cannot be reused. These are stretch bolts that should not be reused once they are tightened to the correct torque. For the Type 4 engine, make sure to also replace the locking plate, as it is for one-time use only.

In Type 1, Type 3, and CT/CZ engines, the flywheel bolt is equipped with the crankshaft pulley bearing. If this bearing is worn out, you can replace it separately, but it is much easier to install a complete bolt. Before mounting a new bolt, make sure that the bearing is greased with the correct grease and that the felt seal does not rotate too heavily on the crankshaft pulley. If it does, the seal may take the crankshaft pulley with it when the engine is decoupled, leading to shifting problems. Make the felt spacer slightly looser if needed.

Suitable for:
Type-1 engines except 25hp and 30hp models and models with automatic transmission
Type-3 engines except models with automatic transmission
CT/CZ engines

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