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Cylinder head standard

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Suitable for:
Type 1 1600 cc dual port carburetor and injection engines up to 7.1992
Type 3 1600 cc engine

Bore: 85.5 mm
Combustion chamber: 53 cc
Valves: 35.5 x 32 mm stainless steel
Spark plug size: 14 mm

It is not always possible to revive your cylinder head with the help of new valves and valve guides. With air-cooled 1300 and 1600 cc dual port engines, it is often the case that the head is cracked, leaving only one option, which is replacement. Cracks are less common in the remaining air and water-cooled cylinder heads, and replacement is necessary in cases of severe engine damage.

Valves and valve guides are subject to wear and tear, so it is not advisable to reinstall them during a complete engine overhaul. If you have the knowledge and the right tools, you can replace the valve guides, valves, and possibly valve seats yourself. If not, we recommend replacing the entire cylinder head.

Most complete cylinder heads come with valves, valve guides, springs, and even a fully assembled camshaft for diesel engines. This is not the case for every engine; some are only available without valves and springs but include valve guides and valve seats. In these cylinder heads, it is necessary to purchase the remaining components separately, with the valves and valve seats needing to be lapped by hand or possibly mechanically using grinding paste.


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