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Cylinder head gaskets Aluminum 0.762 mm 4 pieces

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When a cylinder head is being overhauled, it is almost always also machined flat. To prevent the compression ratio from getting too high, this is compensated for with spacer rings that are placed between the cylinder and the cylinder head. Many overhaul companies stamp a number on the underside of the cylinder head indicating how many millimeters the head has been machined flat.

These rings can also be used to adjust the correct volume (and thus compression ratio), for example when using different cylinder heads than those originally on the engine.

Never use 2 rings stacked on top of each other. If you need more than 1 ring, install 1 between the cylinder and cylinder head, and 1 between the crankcase and cylinder.

Suitable for:
Type-1 engines
Type-3 engines
CT/CZ engines

Thickness: 0.762 mm
Outer diameter: 94 mm
Inner diameter: 85 mm
Bore: 83.0, 85.5, 87.0, and 88.0 mm
Material: aluminum

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