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Cylinder head gaskets 0.254mm

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To achieve the desired compression ratio, you will need to use shim washers, which are installed between the cylinder and the crankcase or between the cylinder head and the cylinder.

You may use washers of different thicknesses stacked on top of each other, but we do not recommend this. If possible, install one between the cylinders and the crankcase, and one in the cylinder head.

The shim washers listed here are only applicable between the crankcase and the cylinder. If available, see the related tab for cylinder head washers.

Next to the thickness, the inner diameter is also specified for each shim washer, including which popular cylinder bores this corresponds to. For reassurance, measure the underside of your cylinder to ensure you are ordering the correct size.

Suitable for:

Type-1 engines

Type-3 engines

CT/CZ engines


Inner Diameter: 90 mm

Thickness: 0.254 mm

Bore: 77.0, 83.0, 85.5, 87.0, and 88.0 mm

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