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Crankshaft seal silicone with extra dust lip

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A standard oil seal, with rubber as its main component, dries out over time. There is nothing that can be done about this, except to replace it when it leaks. An oil seal with silicone as its main component does not experience this phenomenon and therefore has a very long lifespan. Silicone is more flexible and softer than rubber, making the oil seal easier to install and providing a better seal against the flywheel. There is also a downside; due to its easier installation, there is a tendency to install it without the proper tools. Do not do this! Silicone is more fragile than rubber, so always use the correct tools.

For Type 1, Type 3, and CT/CZ engines, two versions are available: the standard oil seal (which is identical in model to the original) and a version with an additional dust lip. For Type 4 and WBX engines, only the standard version is available.

Extra Dust Lip
If the oil seal you choose is equipped with an extra dust lip, this lip prevents dust and dirt from reaching the actual seal. If dust and dirt land on the sealing surface, the oil seal might eventually fail to contain it, resulting in leakage. A silicone oil seal with a double lip is unique and is one of the best crankshaft seals available.

Note: The extra dust lip also has a disadvantage compared to the standard model; the sealing surface must not have any damage up to the flywheel. It is common that the transition from the sealing surface to the flywheel is not neatly finished (mainly with aftermarket flywheels), and the purpose of the extra dust lip is to work in such conditions. If the surface isn’t smooth, the extra lip may get damaged and subsequently pull the sealing lip. Before using the double lip seal, it is important to thoroughly inspect the flywheel and eliminate any irregularities (polishing). Due to experience with all brands of aftermarket flywheels, we recommend using this seal only with an original Volkswagen flywheel.

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