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Crankshaft seal + O-ring/flywheel seal

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1 in stock

SKU: 300352 Categories: , , , Tags: , , , Brand:


Crankshaft seal silicone with extra dust lip (flywheel side). Complete with O-ring.
A standard seal with rubber as the main component will dry out over time and there is nothing to be done about it except to replace it when it leaks.
A seal with silicone as the main component does not experience this phenomenon and has a very long lifespan.
Silicone is more flexible and softer than rubber, making it easier to install and providing a better seal against the flywheel.
However, there is a disadvantage in that it is easier to install, which may lead you to install it without the proper tools. Do not do this; silicone is more fragile than rubber, so always use the correct tools!
Suitable for 1200, 1300, and 1600cc.


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