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Crankshaft pulley chrome

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Crankshaft pulley


A bent crankshaft pulley can occur after a collision, but in most cases, the damage is caused by disassembly. The crankshaft pulley can be very tight, and even with the use of the specially developed pulley puller (see related tab), it is still possible that the pulley may be bent, although the chances of this are minimized. A bent pulley causes vibrations that can be felt deep into the interior and can also cause damage to your engine.

The steel pulleys, like the original ones, have notches on the inner edge for top dead center and ignition timing, while the aluminum pulley has a degree distribution on the outer edge.

Note: Do not assume that the notches for ignition timing are correctly positioned on the steel pulleys; compare this first with your old pulley before adjusting. Failure to do so may result in adjusting the engine at the wrong timing, which can cause significant engine damage.

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