Cooling chamber/cooling tunnel chrome with heater 1300/1600cc

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1 in stock


These cooling housings have the rounded model of the old 30 hp cooling housings, but they are intended for all type 1 engines. This shape provides more space for the installation of dual carburetors.

These cooling housings are available in various variants:

– In a chrome-plated or black painted version.

– With or without outlets for the heater hoses.

– With oil cooler sheet metal at the rear, like the 1300cc and 1600cc dual-port engines after 1970.

– Without oil cooler sheet metal at the rear, where the oil cooler is inside the cooling housing, like the single-port engines until 1970.

If the engine is being built without an oil cooler on the engine (only an external oil cooler), you must use the cooling housing without oil cooler sheet metal (until 1970), a cutout for the hoses is prepared.


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