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Air filter POD custom 52mm

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The POD-Style air filter combines perfect filtration with space-saving and a luxurious look.

Between the chromed top and bottom, there is a cotton filter element similar to what is used in the professional racing world. To ensure maximum filtration, it is necessary to apply air filter oil to the element. Additionally, proper maintenance is required; clean the filter every 5000 km with air filter cleaner and then reapply air filter oil.

The filter is a single unit with the top and bottom, and in case of extreme contamination or damage, the filter will need to be replaced in its entirety.

The neck is made of rubber and secured with a provided hose clamp. The neck diameter is 51 mm, and the total height is 120 mm.

If you wish to use the air filter for a different carburetor than those mentioned above, note that the neck diameter is flexible due to the rubber material. If the neck diameter is close to 51 mm, it is likely that this POD-Style air filter can be mounted.

Keep in mind that there is no crankcase ventilation present; you will need to connect the crankcase ventilation hose directly from the oil filler to a crankcase ventilation filter or use a crankcase ventilation kit or tower.

Not suitable for injection engines.

Suitable for:

Solex standard carburetors

Weber ICT


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